John Tara

Attorney John Tara has been practicing law for over forty years. His career began as a Public Defender for Plymouth and Barnstable Counties. While in that position, Attorney Tara handled more than six thousand criminal cases. It was this experience that nurtured his love of trial law and comfort in the court room. He quickly rose to the positions of Assistant Attorney General and then Assistant District Attorney. His work led him from the district court to the superior courts and then eventually to the Appellate Branch of the superior court. He has prosecuted every type of case, including capital murder. After leaving the District Attorney’s Office, Attorney Tara was nominated by several superior court judges to be on the list of attorney’s qualified to defend capital murder cases, where he went on to be involved in more than twenty five of these cases.

These experiences also taught him that it’s often in the best interest of everyone to settle matters before they reach a court room. Attorney Tara’s skills at working with people and negotiating matters has kept many cases from reaching a court room. Sometimes that is impossible. It’s during these times his vast knowledge of the law and experience gives his clients the best possible representation.

Since opening his private practice, while continuing to work in criminal law he has expanded to family law, where he has handled everything from divorces, child custody, alimony, restraining orders, adoptions, guardianships and much more. Additionally, five different Governors over 26 years have appointed Attorney Tara to the post of Public Administrator for Plymouth County. His daughter Attorney Isis Tara currently holds this title. That position gave him a tremendous amount of experience in estate law. His love of practicing law and desire to help people has given him a passion for understanding and working in different fields. His practice is active in personal injury, civil law and real estate law. He has even held a real estate broker’s License for over thirty years.

Attorney John Tara is a passionate advocate for his clients. He feels strongly that everyone deserves to have their side heard and he feels fortunate that for over four decades, he has been the voice in the legal system for those who need him most.

isisattoneyIsis Tara

While attending law school at New England Law in Boston, Massachusetts, and up until I was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar, I worked for my father, Attorney John S. Tara as a legal intern in order to gain experience for practicing law.  Interning for Attorney John S. Tara gave me a remarkable head start so that when I became licensed to practice law it was as if I had already been practicing for six years.  While attending law school, I also interned for the Cambridge Human Rights Commission which gave me valuable insight into discrimination cases.  Once I became licensed to practice, I continued to work out of Attorney John S. Tara’s office but as a self-employed lawyer.  In May of 2013, my father and I partnered forming Tara & Tara, PLLC.  The majority of my practice has been in Family Law, Estate Matters, Wills, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Civil Suits, and Real Estate Law.  I handle a very wide range of issues and I enjoy new challenges.

I am a Public Administrator for Plymouth County.  I was appointed by the Governor to handle Plymouth County Estate matters in which there are no known heirs in Massachusetts or if there is no one available to administer the Estate.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think you need a Public Administrator to handle an Estate issue.

I understand that Court cases can be very emotional and frustrating.  I will communicate with you so that you are updated as to the status of your case and I will give your case the attention it deserves.  My clients’ needs are very important to me and I truly care about the outcome of the cases I handle.